EV6 GT-Line

KIA EV6 GT-line

High Performance 5.2 sec 0 – 100 km/h acceleration
Long Distance Up to 506 km Maximum range (WLTP)
EV6’s 77.4kWh battery can enable up to 506km driving when fully charged.
Which is enough to cover all driving needs. Less charging and more time to discover your passions.

Ultra-Fast Charging 18 min fo 80%
With an 800V ultra high-speed charger, charging up to 80% takes less than 18 minutes. It also charges up to 100km in just 4.5 minutes. Enjoy the faster charging and longer journey.

E-GMP, the flat battery under the floor is first applied to the EV6 which gives more interior space similar to mid to large SUVs. It also provides greater power and driving range to give you an unprecedented experience.


EXPLORE KIA EV6 Design Features

– Head lamp
The headlamps with a moving light pattern, inspired by electronic pixels, are 100% EV, and the cluster adds a sleek and refined touch.

– Auto flush handle
The seamlessly designed auto flush handles are hidden inside the door. They are equipped with a touch sensor and pop up with a simple touch.

– Rear lamp
All models come standard with full LED rear lamps. The curved shape adds a sporty and futuristic look to the EV6.

– Wide sunroof
The wide sunroof at the top of the vehicle provides a greater sense of freedom and openness. Feel the beautiful surroundings wherever you drive.

– Sustainable seat
How do you know if a car is truly green? Check inside. The EV6′ seats are made from recycled PETs, high-quality vegan leather, or environmentally friendly suede.

– Curved display
The 12-inch cluster display and 12-inch center information display are combined to offer a seamless view, with 1,920×720 display resolution. Enjoy a truly immersive driving experience with ultimate visibility.


Comfort for All, Joy on Every Journey

– Relaxation comfort seats
The front seats are designed to relax you. While the EV6 is being charged, the front seats can be reclined to a nearly horizontal position, which provide the most comfortable posture while seated in a car.

– Temperature-controllable seats
Weather is no longer an obstacle when driving. The heating system and the ventilation of the front seats bring a refreshing in all weather conditions. Drive anywhere with ultimate comfort and relaxation.

– 2nd-row seat comfort
The slim front seats and flat floor provide more legroom to rear passengers. Headrests located at every position add more comfort. Adjust center armrest, either pull up or down based on the situation.

– Remote 2nd-row seatback folding
Pull the remote release lever on the wall of the cargo space to fold the rear seatback down, creating 1300ℓ of storage capacity. With the lever’s convenient location, it’s like having an extra pair of hands when you need to load long or bulky items.


Safety, The Ultimate Driving Companion

– Remote Smart Parking Assist (RSPA)
Experience safe and smart parking with RSPA. RSPA enables safe moving in and out of a parallel and perpendicular spaces. Whether you are inside the vehicle or out, the sensor can park and exit your car smoothly.

– Intelligent Front-lighting System (IFS)
IFS helps your driving go smoother day or night by turning up or dimming down when needed. Protects your line of sight in oncoming traffic and other vehicles’ high beams, while protecting your field of view.

– Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)
FCA uses a front-view camera and radar to detect a vehicle, pedestrian or cyclist ahead. By warning and braking automatically, it can help you avoid, or reduce the severity of, an accident. The system also engages if you are crossing or turning left at an intersection.

– Safe Exit Assist (SEA)
When a rear seat companion tries to exit the vehicle without noticing other vehicles approaching from behind, SEA kicks in. It detects possible hazards from blind spots and sends an alert. Prevent any risk of collision with the electronic child lock.


Technology Towards The Future

– Vehicle-to-Load (V2L) charging
Feel free to utilize the hassle-free and portable electricity supply up to 3.6kW with V2L. It can be used in your daily life, outdoor activities and even as an emergency power source for your home.

– Surround View Monitor (SVM)
SVM has multiple cameras that are zoomable and view 360° around your vehicle. No need to ask for help when steering or parking with SVM. Drive confidently even in tight spaces.

– Charging port
Easily charge your EV6 with a simple press of the door itself. Its door opens up or shuts electronically by using a smartphone or voice command. The intuitive bar graph is shown inside to show the charging level.

– Smart tailgate
Smart tailgate opens up when you approach the car to put your items for 3 seconds. Hands-free makes the journey hassle-free.

– Merdian premium sound system
The high-end merdian premium sound system provides great sound options for different driving conditions. Feel an immersive driving experience with active sound design (e-ASD).

– Blind-Spot Collision-Avoidance Assist (BCA)
Stop worrying about collisions with rear-side vehicles. BCA helps prevent collisions when changing lanes and automatically controls the vehicle after a warning. It even helps avoid collisions with vehicles in blind spots when exiting a parallel parking spot.

– Rear Cross-Traffic Collision-Avoidance Assist (RCCA)
When exiting by reversing, RCCA prevents collisions and increases safety. Detect approaching vehicles on both sides, provide warnings, and stop with emergency brakes if the possibility of a collision increases even after the warning.

– Smart Cruise Control (SCC)
SCC makes your drive even more convenient. Keep your distance from the vehicle ahead and drive at the speed you want. It controls the speed when the vehicle enters a certain radius, and automatically stops when needed.


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